Bringwell - Master thesis

This master thesis was a collaboration between the advertising agency Le Bureau, the client Bringwell and its brand Chisan. The work was accomplished in spring of 2016 during my education in marketing strategy at Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. Chisan is a traditional herbal medicine product, introduced in Sweden in 2004. The product was quickly established as the most widely used product when in decreased performance, such as feelings of fatigue. But lately, sales are going down. To reverse the negative trend, my job was to improve the strategic and communicative guidelines and update the communication platform. My biggest focus was on qualitative research and primary data, such as interviews, workshops, surveys and analysis of visual identities. I worked with brand positioning, target audience and competitor analysis. The work lead to a new brand positioning, tone of voice, visual tonality and a deeper understanding of the target audience and the competitive market. If you want to read the whole thesis, email me at

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